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Thread: How to replace links/indexes in fuctions called from substituted screens?

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    Frage How to replace links/indexes in functions called from substituted screens?

    Hi @all,

    I have created a screen (s1) containing screen elements related to variables. This screen is opened by a function (f1) with an indexed configuration. This function is called by a navigation context with a parameter for substitution.
    I have created a second screen (s2) with additional information related to the same variables set as in the first screen. Evenly this screen is also opened by another function (f2) with an indexed configuration.

    There is a button control in screen s1 linked with the function f2 for open the second screen.
    But using this button no substitution for variables are made.

    Screen s1 contains an element using a variable named "Pump1".
    Function f1 replaces "Pump1" with {PARAM}.
    From a navigation the function f1 is called with parameter for substitution "Pump2", "Pump3" etc.
    So the screen s1 is showing information from Pump2 etc. (instead from Pump1)

    Screen s1 contains a button control which calls function f2 to open screen s2 and has a substitution parameter.
    Screen s2 contains an element using a variable named "Pump1".
    Function f2 replaces "Pump1" with {PARAM} in the same way as of f1 done. [what probably is the wrong point]
    By pressing the button on screen s1 (calling function f2) the screen s2 is opened without substituted variables for "Pump2" ("Pump1" variable is used instead).

    How to this task?
    I can sketch a draw if you cannot imagine what I have meant by description.

    Thank you for any input!
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