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Thread: Problematically creating symbols - unique PropSymbolNumber

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    Default Problematically creating symbols - unique PropSymbolNumber


    I'm using some code to create linked symbols on a screen & have run afoul of not using unique Symbol numbers (Dynproperty PropSymbolNumber).

    Is there a method to check for existing values? Only way I can think of is to loop through all the symbols on the screen every time to check.

    How does the program handle this natively when a new symbol is placed?

    My other option is to randomise it slightly, but that doesn't guarantee being unique.

    I'm placing objects with VBA on to a screen with existing symbols so I cant just start at a fixed number & increment for each symbol (what happen if the code is run twice for example?).

    Any thoughts anyone?


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    Default Re: Problematically creating symbols - unique PropSymbolNumber

    Ok, never mind I have realised how to do this.

    Instead of creating a blank symbol using elements.create, I used the .InsertSymbol method instead (it seems to assign a sensible number).

    Set elSymbol = screenScreen.Elements.Create("SYMBOL", tpSymbolLnk)
    Set elSymbol = screenScreen.InsertSymbol("EXAMPLE SYMBOL NAME", "", True)

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