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Thread: Message control zenon6.ini

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    I have noticed that the zenon6.ini file are not the same on the primary server and the standby server. 

    I am configuring an SMTP functionality and I noticed that I need to copy the [Message Control] section from zenon6.ini file on the editor PC to the zenon6.ini file on the SCADA server. 
    Should I copy this also on the standby server seeing that the zenon6.ini files are not identical? 

    If I don't copy it, will the standby server be able to send e-mails when the primary server crashes? 

    Kind regards, 

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    Yes, you need to enter the part about message control in the zenon6.ini in the server and in the runtime server.  copy the [Message Control] is a good solution.

    Best regards, Michael

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