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    Default IEC 62056-21 Driver

    Hi, I am trying to use the IEC62056-21 driver in Zenon 8.0 to read values from a CEWE Prometer however I am unable to get Zenon to communicate to it.
    The meter is connected to the computer via a serial cable, it is set as RS232 with the following setting
    Port Name: COM1 Baud Rate: 19200 Data Bits: 7 Parity: Even Stop Bits: One Protocol: None
    The device has an address of 11 and it also has a password.
    I have created a few variables to test be they are showing as INVALID, these have a OBIS address of : Clock Active Power Frequency
    Using GXDLMSDirector with the settings above I can read values from the meter.
    I am overlooking something?

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