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Thread: Change color palette via VBA

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    Default Change color palette via VBA

    Hi all.
    How to change (switch) color palette via VBA?
    Idea is to save color palette  internal variable (integer) which is remanent.
    On scada startup I should to check value of that variable and set color palette which depends of that variable state.


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    Cool AW: Change color palette via VBA

    No need for VBA. I've done this already. Just use internal remanent Variable, create Reactionmatrix that has different functions to switch colorpalette on diffrent discrete states and link it to the variable. To switch the color palette in the runtime don't use a colorpallet switch function with RT dialog, but for example use a combobox to set the internal variable. So you can make entries in the combobox according to the colorpallet.
    (Example: you have 2 pallets: A=red, B=green, then you need 2 functions to directly set this pallets without dialogue, create internal remanent variable and link it to reactionmatrix that has 2 entries besides default: A=red with function to switch to A attached and B=green with function that switches to green attached. Now if you change the value of the variable in runtime, the colorpallet will switch. Then you can choose how to set the variable, via buttons, combobox...)

    If you really want to do it with VBA, then call the function to switch from VBA. But the above way works fine

    btw.: I've done the same for fontlists with different fonttypes. I only miss an internal function (without VBA) to link this variable values to RT Profiles. If this would be possible, then every user could get his color and Font settings right at login. ;-)
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