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Thread: Creating all in to PDF

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    Default Creating all in to PDF

    Dear Team,

    Can we export all reports into PDF which we are Viewing in LOT Filter.
    Instead of opening each and printing -- can we do all Lot filter files 

    Warm Regards

    Srikanth G

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    Dear Srikanthg,

    Report Viewer allows to export the data to PDF using three different methods:
    - Screen type embedded control element: "Create PDF" button in the screen.
    - Standard zenon function: "Report Viewer: export/print". Allows to set up automatic filtering, inc. Lot filter.
    - Softprint printing to PDF file.

    I believe you are looking for solution #2. In this case, you can link the respective functions to "Time Control", so that they are executed at a certain time, or to an event (variable limit) that triggers the execution of the functions. It is also possible to create a zenon script that includes all "Report Viewer: export/print" functions and allows the export of all reports at the same time - it this case, beware that the reporting renderization process can take a considerable amount of CPU and time. 

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards,
    David Cerdeira

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