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    Hi! I'm using Zenon Energy Edition v7.6 with the IEC61850 !ConnectState Variable to detect communication error for ALM with a certain IED in my project. But the variable never goes to TCP_CONNECT_ FAILED when i disconnect the RJ45 cable from that IED it just keeps at TCP_CONNECTING. Is there another diag variable that I should use to detect comm errors or am I just using the !ConnectState the wrong way.

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    Hello pernilsson,

    But the variable never goes to TCP_CONNECT_ FAILED
    Have you checked the "Automatic Watchdog" option in your driver configuration? If so, for how long have you waited? According to the help (IEC850 > IEC850 client functions > Establishment of a connection and detection of a connection failure) it may take 30 seconds until the connection is completely closed

    Is there another diag variable that I should use
    There is a 'ConnectionStates' communication variable with offset 61 you could try out, see help chapter 'IEC850 > Creating variables > Communication details (Driver variables)'. But the specific !ConnectState variable is probably better.

    or am I just using the !ConnectState the wrong way
    Hard to say (at least for me, I'm not an expert in this protocol). I assume you already checked if the configured reaction value in your REMA/limit value is correct.

    I hope I was able to help you.

    Kind Regards

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    Default Re: ConnectionState variable

    With correctly defined reaction matrix it will work like you wish, see my screenshot:

    The ConnectionState variable works bit-wise. And as soon the iec850 driver detects FAILED it tries to CONNECTING, so then both bits: as well CONNECTING aa FAILED - are set. Maybe change the order of bits evaluation in your rema - to first detect FAILED and then CONNECTING.
    Or create the rema using the Wizard 'IEC850 driver configuration' available in Energy Edition. Or write an email to your local COPA-DATA support and ask to send you the XML-file with the correctly working reaction matrix for iec850 ConnectionState variables.

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    Thanks Ursula and Lukas for your help, i had actually made an error in the reaction matrix now it works fine!

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