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Thread: General Interrogation Fail in 61850

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    I am working Zenon Energy version 7.20. Zenon communicates with many SEL relays using 61850 protocol. I want to use RCB, but I have problems when the RCB are activated by Zenon. If I use polling mode everything works well and the representation and CEL are ok. But, if I use RCB, the representation doesn't show any variable. But If the data signal changes (the RCB is data change triggered), the representantion of that data signal appears is the SCADA.

    I have checked the LOG generated by ZENON with diagnosis viewer and there is the following error that could be the problem:

    "Write to LLN0$BR$RptProtections1$GI faied due to error 2"

    Which is the meaning of this error? Could you help me to enable and work properly with RCB? Thank you.
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    Default Re: General Interrogation Fail in 61850

    From only this information is hard to say. The error number 2 in log message is the MMS error number sent by the IED (850-Sever - the SEL relay). An IED, while it refuses the General Interrogation request (GI), sends this number, so the IEC850 driver (850-client) writes it then in the LOG.

    The number 2 means in MMS protocol "temporarily-unavailable". It should be documented in the manual of the relay when it uses this error.
    Typically the error 2 means that the RCB is already enabled by another 850-client. Or, that the IED is configured to have in RCB the Trigger Options (TrgOps) without GI bit. Then to work it must have in SCL the or the 850-clinet must overwrite the trigger options (setting then extra before it enables the RCB). When is skipped in SCL (ICD/CID) file of the IED, it means TRUE, but it was a common mistake in implementations of Edition 1 devices - they then have, so are refusing the GI request.  

    After refusal of the GI, the IED is not sending the general interrogation reports, so it does not deliver the initial values of variables. Thus, in zenon the affected variables have no values.

    You can try to configure the zenon iec850 driver to overwrite in assigned RCBs the TrgOps= data-change + quality-change + general-interrogation. If it does not help - contact the manufacturer of the relays.

    You can eventually also try to establish communication using zenon version 8.00. During last years we added extra features into the iec850 driver to work-around some common mistakes in IEDs implementations. Maybe some of those features could help.

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