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Thread: How to change mouse coursor - Runtime

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    I have a question about mouse cursor in the Runtime.

    Is any procedure how is possible to change mouse cursor for screen switch or commands as well (for example from "hand" to "arrow")?

    Thank you


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    Hello Stan,

    I'm not aware of any zenon funktionality for that very special case, but i have a workaround if its not a problem for you to change it windows wide you can do that in the windows mouse settings there you can change it to any graphics you want.

    Best Regards

    Tobias Ritschel

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    Hello Tobias,

    Thank you for your message.

    I tried to find all cursors (*.cur) in my computer (HMI computer) and I didn't find cursors which HMI uses in Runtime.

    I changed all default cursors (mouse settings) in the Windows Settings as well - but in the Runtime if I want to for example switch screen my funny coursor (Pumpkin) has been changed to "hand" - I set all default cursors to "Pumpkin cursor".

    Thank you for all advises


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