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Thread: Static text box to blink

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    Default Static text box to blink

    Hi everyone,

    I am very new to Zenon product and I am barely know about the configuration and so on. Currently I am developing one HMI panel which later to be integrate with WAGO PLC. I am using Zenon Energy version.

    Question is:

    1) How I can make my static text box to blink? For an example, from main page, I jump into second page, and there is a text box that should be blinking or flashing to inform user extra precaution need to be observed when handling that page. Is it also applicable to button when I want to do so?

    2) How I can make popup confirmation box such as when I want to execute the program after I pressed the button, message box coming out to request confirmation from user to run the program. 

    Thank you. Picture guided step/explanation is encouraged as I am newbie at here


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    • Create a boolean variable. This can be used to determine when the object should blink
    • In the LimitValue Properties of that variable, you can set the "Flashing" checkbox for a limit value. So e.g. only if boolean value is FALSE
    • (Same can be done via reaction matrices)
    • There's a property for the flashing of an object. It's under ' -> Visibility/Flashing -> Adopt Flashing from limit value'.
    • Yes, you can also toggle the flashing of a button

    • Create a new frame, which will serve as a dialog, and set the following properties: "General/Always In Foreground", "General/Do not close After Losing Focus", "Border/BorderType=SIZE_FIXED", "Title", "System Menu"
    • Create a screen based on this frame (make it modal under the display settings if necessary) and put an OK and CANCEL button inside of it. Link the execution function of your program to the ok button, and link a function that closes the dialog to the cancel button
    • Link a corresponding screenswitch function to the button in your main screen.
    • Alternatively, use User Authentication Levels and Signatures, if that's what you want to achieve.

    See the embedded help for more information.

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    Default Re: Static text box to blink

    Hi LukasRotter,

    It worked. Thank you for your help. Appreciated alot.


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