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Thread: Levels/Layers in Zenon

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    Hello Team,
    Is it possible to activate and deactivate layers/levels in runtime? That is, suppose I have made a screen using  different levels. When I deactivate/invisible a level the graphics in that level disappears from the editor, and when I activate/visible it appears back.
    Same functionality I require in my runtime too.

    Please suggest if this could be possible. I require this feature for single line diagram display.

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    Visibility levels are a feature only in Editor, to e.g. make easier to edit complex symbols/screens, where elements are covering each other. I'm using it e.g. in command screen linked by many command groups to overlap buttons for different set of actions. In the Runtime anyway the command processing take care to display only buttons of actions available in the command group, so only one set.

    In the Runtime there is another feature (totally independent from visibility levels) - worldview (with zoom). See by screen elements: property Runtime - Worldview display - Visible from/Visible to. You can define your worldview without zooming the size, then it will only make more/less screen elements visible.

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