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Thread: Multi-binary Reaction matrix problem

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    Default Multi-binary Reaction matrix problem

    Dear Team,
    Zenon Version 7.50 Build 49034
    We are receiving Alarms from OEM machine using variable UDINT datatype
    Example: - Alarms are triggered bit wise (1, 16, 17, 19, 20) then we have written VB script for receiving it and moving to individual Internal Boolean variable for showing Alarm text in AML

    We think all above can be done in Zenon using Reaction Matrix but,
    Using Multi-binary Reaction matrix Ė In test environment only using Internal UDINT variable we canít see result in CEL or AML, only binary reaction matrix is working perfectly.

    Warm Regards

    Srikanth G

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    Default Re: Multi-binary Reaction matrix problem

    I'm not sure if you noticed that a reaction matrix stops to encode the value by fist "state" which is true. So, if PLC will send value where 2 (or more) bits are set/reset - the rema will encode only one bit. Are you sure a rema will be suitable? To split a UDINT to separated BOOL variables the recommended solution would be zenon Logic.

    Your screenshot shows only part of rema, missing important check-box. And it shows that the engineering of multi rema is not completed (on the list rema has only 1 "state" and in open dialog only 2 "states" and both are for 1, no one for 0). Actually, it's too less info to really help. 

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