Hello Team,

I want to calculate the variable update (read) time by zenon based on priority set for more than 1000 variables. i.e. how much time it will take to update the variable value in zenon for variables which are prioritized as Normal, high, higher, highest and i can use it in VSTA for further process.

Actually i am facing an issue that, String variable is taking 3 sec to update the value from PLC to zenon. This time is high and i want to achieve this within 500 ms.

Kindly suggest me how to achieve this in zenon which has 4400 variables. I have separated a variables with priority and could not able to achieve this.
For that I want to understand how many number of bytes (maximum) will be read for each packet send by zenon in S7TCP driver- Profinet and how the priority will workout for variable read in the network.