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Thread: Unsolicited DNP3 Communication with Zenon 8.0

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    Frage Unsolicited DNP3 Communication with Zenon 8.0

    Dear Support, 

    I am getting the unsolicited messages when my RTU connected to in ASE Tool as Master. However, I am unable to get the Unsolicited message frm same RTU in Zenon runtime v8.0 . I am attaching the Zenon DNP3.0_TG Driver setting i did, for your reference. Could you please advice and help if any other setting to be done or i am missing.

    Dauji Varshney
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    Default Re: Unsolicited DNP3 Communication with Zenon 8.0

    Dear Dauji Varshney,

    The configuration is correct. Setting these checkboxes, causes the driver to attempt to enable unsolicited responses on initialization of the communication with the DNP3 outstation. You could check the logs of the diagnosis server to see if the DNP3 outstation returned a positive response on the attempt to enable unsolicited responses, or if it return an error.

    If there was a positive response, I would expect that the outstation would send unsolicited responses when a threshold for events in the outstation has exceeded. You should also be able to see the receipt of unsolicited responses in the logs of the diagnosis server. The event objects contained in the unsolicited response would be assigned to the corresponding variables in zenon.

    Using a command variable of the DNP3_TG driver by writing an appropriate command string, it is also possible to manually enable or disable unsolicited responses at a later stage after the start of the runtime. Please see the online help of the DNP3_TG driver for more information.

    When you are communicating over TCP/IP, you could also use Wireshark to make a capture of the network traffic and see if the unsolicited responses are enabled correctly.

    If this does not help, please contact your local COPA-DATA support and provide them with logfiles of the diagnosis server, a wireshark capture if applicable and information on the DNP3 outstation that you are using (vendor, model, DNP3 device profile). They should be able to assist you further.

    Best regards,

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