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Thread: IEC 104 primary and redundant IP addreses

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    Default IEC 104 primary and redundant IP addreses


    Is there any way to change switch over time between primary and redundant IP addreses? Now, when primary IP goes down, conection to redundant IP is established after about 1 minute. How to decrease this time?



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    Default Re: IEC 104 primary and redundant IP addreses

    To use the alternative IP address in the driver configuration is not the only way. There is also a faster way to switch to another PLC but it demands more configuration work. You can execute the switch-over trigged by reaction matrix on the i-bit of a variable.

    To do a manually change of driver configuration you have to stop the driver, exchange its configuration file and start it again. To exchange cofig-file use file operation functions from zenon. You can create a script containing the zenon functions: stop the driver (by driver user command); copy file ' IEC870_IEC 60870-5-101_104.txt' (or 'default.tcp' in older zenon version) to the current runtime folder; start the driver again (by using driver user command).

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