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Thread: Runtime Hangs when pressing Button

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    Default Runtime Hangs when pressing Button

    Hi everyone, 

    I am currently evaluating Zenon 8.00 since our company is looking for a new HMI that can be used in our electric industry. I am very new to Zenon 8.00 and I am currently going through the firststeps PDF provided with the software.

    I have gone through most of the steps and I wanted to see how it would look like during runtime. The Complete Overview of water screen shows up complete with the alarm list above and the navigation buttons below. I tried clicking the detail view of storage tank 1 and it starts hanging. 

    I have gone through the forums to try and solve it myself , but I did not see any threads that are like my issue. 

    please see the logfile screenshot

    Any advise? 
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    Default Re: Runtime Hangs when pressing Button

    Dear Sir,

    Kindly send me backup you are working on and diagviewer Log file so that i will modify and send you. 


    Diana John 

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    Default Re: Runtime Hangs when pressing Button

    Hi Diana, 

    I just created a backup using project backups. I hope this is what you are looking for. 

    I ran the diagviewer when I started the runtime and tried pressing the button. 

    Let me know if there is anything else you need. 
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    Default Re: Runtime Hangs when pressing Button

    From the screenshot of log i'm guessing that in your project you have linked in screen(s) - in the property 'start function' the zenon function of type 'screen switch' opening THE screen (or opening a second screen but this seconds then open the first one). As result you have recursive, steady call of functions continuously opening screens. The screen opens an call function to open,  then opens again, then calls again and again ... constantly. And the core in the CPU of the PC is so overloaded, that zenon Runtime cannot do nothing else as keep opening the screens; not even to react on button (anyway a button already overwritten by the next, same button).

    I'm sorry that i will not analyze the project backup, but Forum is not the official support, so not a suitable place to do analysis of customer projects or logs (whatever Diana7310 asked for). 

    zenon is flexible and sophisticated software platform, giving you functionalities of 30 years development and experiences. I can hardly imagine to get the right overview by simply trying to go thought a tutorial covering a small part of zenon functionalities. This tutorial anyway is not intended for electric industry. If you like to have in a new zenon project some correctly opening screens with navigation and buttons - you may create a new project and then start the Wizard preparing basic things for you. You will find the Wizard in zenon Editor - tools - Start Editor Wizard - Project - Project Configuration Wizard. When you take look in Editor what Wizard did in project, this may help you to recognize where this part of tutorial were trying to guide you. 

    I would also propose you to contact officially your local Sales representative of COPA-DATA, to present you zenon features and demo project chosen to best fit your eventual demands. My colleagues will be happy to give you all information you need to compare zenon with products of different manufactures and evaluate the best choice for you.

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