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Thread: Zenon to Siemens PLC Tag writing delay

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    Default Zenon to Siemens PLC Tag writing delay


    In my project i have used Siemens CPU 319 and it is connected with Zenon Supervisor. With PLC i have connected many devices via profinet and Zenon supervisor too. Total no of PLC tags is 4500. Here i have recipe (RGM) and datalogging to MSSQL using VSTA. 

    When i download a recipe (300 Tags) or write data (around 350 Tags) from zenon to PLC, at this time it is taking around 30 SEC to update the tag value in PLC. 

    Tags update from PLC to Zenon is taking 5 to 7 sec to update in zenon. I have prioritize the tag update time also. Normal - 300, highest - 100.

    Please suggest how to get fast updation of tags between PLC and Zenon for both read and write. Requirement is tag updation should happen 1 to 2 sec between PLC and zenon.

    What are the factors i have to check in software and hardware? Please suggest and need support on this.



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    Default Re: Zenon to Siemens PLC Tag writing delay

    a delay of 30s could be an indicator of missing write acknowledge.
    Which zenon driver are you using? does this driver supports 'blockwrite' and write acknowledge ('WR_SUC')? You can find this info in the list at the end of the data sheet of driver (in manual or in dialog to create a driver).

    If your RGM recipe is configured to use 'Write synchronously' - try how long it takes if you deactivate it.
    Active: When writing a recipe, all control elements are locked in the Recipegroup Manager screen until the driver confirms that all values have been written successfully or the defined Timeout [ms] has expired.
    I'm suspecting the missing write acknowledge because exactly this timeout in older zenon versions were per default 30s.

    The update times and priorities do not have impact on write to PLC, only on read from PLC (so on update of data in zenon).
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