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Thread: 61850 remote server or client

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    Default 61850 remote server or client

    I have v7.6 Energy Edition communicating to 61850 IED servers. I need to set up remote 61850 access sort of like a process gateway.
    Are there any papers or KB posts regarding this?
    Does it require a second driver instance?


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    Default Re: 61850 remote server or client

    Do I understand correctly that you want to run in you zenon project an 850-Server delivering your process data to an upper system (control center?) via IEC61850 protocol? Then this is not in iec850 driver, the driver is an 850-client. In zenon Logic there is a fieldbus driver - 'IEC61860 Server with GOOSE'.

    As first you would have to prepare the suitable ICD-file - with the data model for this 850-Server.  

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