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Thread: Antivirus for Zenon 7.60

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    Default Antivirus for Zenon 7.60



    have the version Zenon Supervisor 7.60, what antivirus is compatible

    with that version of zenon that is installed in windows server 2012?

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    What you mean by compatible? normaly every antivirus software should work just fine.
    do you have any problem with an antivirus software?

    Tobias Ritschel

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    Hi walt24m,

    ritschel93 is correct. We do recommend using antivirus software but we do not endorse recommend or test specific products or vendors.

    Here are some suggestions to consider however :
    • ensure that there is a process that deals with the detection of a malware. Simply cleaning or removing the malware is not sufficient. You will want to know how it got there, where it spread, what data it may have retrieved or altered, what the potential impact of the malware was, etc.


    • be prepared for the scenario that a signature update of the antivirus software detects a false positive for any operating system files, application files or application data files.


    • look at configuring exceptions for runtime data files that are created by the zenon runtime application. Cases are known where antivirus software realtime on access scanning was delaying reading and writing to the disk and in this way impacting the regular operation of the runtime in projects handling large data volumes.


    • where applicable have a test environment where you install updates of the antivirus software and signatures first to detect any possible negative interactions

    Best regards,

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