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    acko01 Gast

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    I just finished my first project in Zenon. Now I am doing the documentation.
    I am missing a function to export variable list as text in the Zenon editor.
    Is there a way to do so? It would also be nice to have a field for description in the properties of the Variables.

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    happy to hear, that you finished your first project

    Please take a look at the documentation wizard. Press Alt+F12 to show the wizard dialog, and then from the project section, choose the documentation wizard.

    Based on your selections it will automatically create a HTML documentatation of the project.

    Alternatively, you may want to look at the extended export / import section of the variables node, where you can export variables in .DBF format. In zenon 6.50, export and import in .CSV format of variables is also possible.

    If you have MS Excel 2007, which is not capable of opening .DBF files anymore, please take a look at OpenOffice Calc, which is still able to do so.

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