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Thread: Zenon Redundancy in Servers & Client PC

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    Default Zenon Redundancy in Servers & Client PC


    I am using Zenon 7.10 Supervisory version. I have two Servers (make HP) for 1 as Primary & 1 as Standby. Also there are 3 Client PCs.
    When I am enabling Software Reduandancy, both servers start working as Active & Standby. Now after that when I remote transport RT files from Main Server to the Clients, all runtime files are transported without error.

    But now the problem is when I Remote Start the Runtime in one of the clients, I see an error call zenNetSrv.exe : Module could not loaded (Last Error: 0x0000000)" and I see blue dots all over the screens where there are varibles linked. Also in the alarm msg list, I see Creating list... msg coming.

    When the Redundancy is unticked, no such error is seen and the system works fine.

    I need a solution for the above.

    Also please suggest the changes to be done in Firewall, services etc. if any or any other changes to be done in Servers for working of redundancy. Because earlier also I have worked and I remember doing some changes in the firewall settings but now unable to recall.

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    Default Re: Zenon Redundancy in Servers & Client PC

    Hello Avinash,

    The issue is that the zenNetSrv.exe (zenon Network Process) can not be started on your Clients.
    -> Is that the same on all 3 Clients?

    The used Port is 1100
    Please check if that port is free.

    There should be an entry in the Windows Event Viewer when the Process fails to start.
    Check if there is an entry from zenNetSrv in the Application log.

    Hope this helps.


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