This is my first post, so, we are using dual LAN panel, win 7, same static IP on LAN 1 and DHCP on LAN 2, and we have the same machine with the same PLC and IP.
LAN 2 is used in DHCP for remote assistance via VPN, the machines are connected to a consumer router wireless which is connected to the company LAN, this cause big trouble to ZENON when by any chance it close the runtime and re-open it, runtime stops to communicate with PLC, it seems that it can't find a unique PLC IP address, and it might be exactly like that.
Any suggestion on why this happens? LAN 1 & 2 are on different sub classes it should not happens ( or maybe I not so expert ) or not? the thing is that for now I can't change the PLC/Panel IPs.
Is there any trick on how Zenon communicate with PLC, how can it address them? If I am not wrong it would be enough that addressing could be done via MAC right? is there any option?

Than you in advance,