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Thread: Invert read from IED

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    Default Invert read from IED

    Hi guys

    I got a variable that is read from an IED using IEC61850, with a symbolic address to one of the GGIOs. As I need the signal inverted, I'm using the screen Status Definition to invert the visualization. However, I need to send this signal inverted using Modbus...

    Is there any way of reading directly the signal inverted?

    I have another case in which I have a single status signal, but I need to send it as two signals. One of them inverted. So if I could read it inverted, I would be able to use the same symbolic address but one of them inverted...

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Invert read from IED

    there are few possibilities, e.g.:
    - you can create second iec850 variable with different name but same symbolic address and link a small VBA macro converting (inverting) values - see variable properties for non-linear value adjustment. Two iec850 variables referring the same symbolic address will work in latest builds of 7.60 and in 8.00 version.
    - you can create variable in MATH driver with a formula converting the value of original iec850 variable, but then the math variable will have data type REAL, probably not optimal for modbus.
    - you can create a zenon Logic project with program converting value of iec850 variable set 'externally visible' and storing it to additional variable of stratonNG driver.
    Solutions with additional calculations in Logic were discussed on Forum.

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