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Thread: SICAM 230 V7 Runtime Error

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    Default SICAM 230 V7 Runtime Error

    Hi All,

    I have problem with SICAM 230 V7 runtime, while I running the runtime an error are coming, it said that MSCOMCTL.OCX is missing, then I copied the missing file from another engine. But the error still appear.
    Error messages screen shoot are attached.

    Please help me what is that missing file and how to solve this error?


    Arif NUrrohman
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    Hi Arif NUrrohman,

    It seems your SICAM230 project has some additional functionality, coded in VBA, that uses the Microsoft Windows Common Controls. When you are certain that this is not needed or no longer used, you could remove this from your project. You could also completely switch off the use of VBA in the runtime.

    When this added functionality is required, you need to also register the activex control. Copying the file is not sufficient. Before registering, please ensure that the file you've copied is a valid copy from a trusted source. Additional files may also be needed.

    Also you may want to look into the reason, why this file went missing on this particular machine in the first place, before taking any further steps.

    To register the file, open a command prompt with administrator rights, navigate to the directory where you have copied the file and execute "regsvr32 "MSCOMCTL.OCX"

    Best regards,

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