I have 2 problem with VSTA Editor with ProjectAddin. 

1. Sometimes, when trying to open it, it simply won't open. A workaround for this was given by Mr. David Cerdeira, but it is only a temporary fix.
"1. Open the project "HOHESEE_LV" editor files by pressing CTRL+ALT+E in the repsective project node in the Editor and navigate to the folder \FILES\zenon\system\VSTA.
2. Create a project backup in the Editor and export it to any Windows folder.
3. Open the backup.zip in the folder  \BINARY.ZIP\zenon\system\vsta.zip\.
4. Copy the folder VBnet in 3. to 1 as picture below (delete first VBNet in.
5. Close the Editor and reopen it again. Start the VSTA project Add-In in the "HOHESEE_LV" project."

2. After changing pieces of code, I save, build project and close the editor. When I try to create the runtime files, VSTA is not created. I don't see it when I create all runtime files and I don't see it when I create changed runtime files. 
I tried the fix proposed here, but still didn't work. Fire wall is disabled, antivirus not present. 

Thank you in advance!