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    I'm using message control in a project and a noticed when message control is deactivated and when alarm which is configured to be sent as a message (sms..) the message "it was tried to send a message although message control is deactivated".
     is there ā possibility to prevent  the display of this message in the event list because the costumer doesn't what to have this message . 

    best regards

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    Hello Sofiane, 

    did you try to empty the message control queue and deactivate it in runtime? It probably happens because of queue of MSG that there are still a few messages inside. For this goal you can use of the functions -> Message control-> Send Message: deactivate and assign it with a button to your project. This function deactivates Message Control for the project in which the function is located. When the function is called all messages of this project are removed from the message queue and the project is logged off from Message Control. And also don't forgot that you create another function for activate message control again.

    Best regards, 

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