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    I am using combi element for alarms in Zenon V7.60.
    When value of variable is 0, color is green without flashing
    If value of variable is 1, color is red with flashing. 
    I've created a group called "Trip-1" in Alarm/Event Group" and chose an Status Variable "examp1". (in Attach " Trip-1 ")
    Also I used that "examp" in Combi-Element. 

    When an alarm in the Group trigered the combi element is become red and flashing. After "acknowlege flashing" function flashing stops.That's ok, but the problem is when another alarm trigered, this combi-element is not flashing. How is possible to flashing?

    For example; there are 4 persist alarm in group, when one of these alarm change its state to "not alarming". That combi-element become green.But there are still 3 persist alarm, so it should stay in red. 

    How can I solve these problems?

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