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Thread: ALC Function Type (Switch,Disconnector)

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    I am SCADA engineer who is new in zenon using v7.60 .
    I have a question related to Automatic Line Coloring (ALC) Function Types switch and disconnector.

    When I choose Switch or Disconnector as a function type for a combined element, coloring is happening like this;

    00 -----> Open Pozisition (no coloring)
    01 -----> Close Pozisition (coloring)
    10 -----> Intermediate     (fault color)
    11 -----> Faulty               ( fault color)

    But, I don't want to color lines like that way, I prefer to color like below:

    00 -----> Intermediate     (fault color)
    01 -----> Open Pozisition (no coloring)
    10 -----> Close Pozisition (coloring)
    11 -----> Faulty               ( fault color)

    How can I do it, I couldn't find to do it? İs there any way to configure 'Switch' or 'Disconnector' Function Types in ALC?

    Best regards,

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    The ALC bases on values representing switch positions in mapped DPI/DPC philosophy, so only when OPEN is 0 and CLOSED is 1.
    Which driver are you using for communication with the IED? 
    All zenon drivers for Energy (IEC850, IEC870, DNP3), and zenon Process Gateways, are supporting (and using per default) as called 'DPI/DPC mapping'. Thus per default the variable values will work correctly with ALC.

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