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Thread: DiagViewer: CT-type definition corrupted

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    Default DiagViewer: CT-type definition corrupted

    Hi guys,

    The zenOn Diagnostic Viewer shows my the following error text when starting the straton runtime on my PC:

      >>> Project 'myProject': Expanding complex type for 'myVariableStruct' failed. CT-type definition corrupted.

    The variable myVariableStruct is an array from user-defined data type (contains DINT, REAL, BOOL etc.) declared in starton and shared with zenOn (STRATON O&M for zenOn) to be display on the HMI. At the beginning of the project everythings were working well but since this morning I get this exception. Could it be that changing the user-data type after applying the property STARTON to the variable could be the problem? If yes, how can we "re-compile" in order to regenerate this CT-type definition?

    Thanks a lot for your help!


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    Default Re: DiagViewer: CT-type definition corrupted

    Hi mariole82,

    I never saw this error before, but I can give you some hints which I hope will solve the problem:
    - In your straton Editor (zenon Logic), right-click on the project > Settings > General > Complex variables in a separate segment > Yes
    - Also in straton, in the Fieldbus Configurations (button in the tool bar or right-click in your project list, on the left, > Shortcuts > Fieldbus configurations > Insert the "Logic to SCADA connection" driver
    - In Straton, again, from the Menu > Project > Clean All Projects, then Project > Build All Projects, then re-download the application
    - In zenon, think to add the STRATON NG driver in the "Drivers"

    Changing the type after applying the STRATON property should not lead to an error... But just in case, what you can do in straton is to remove the property of the variable (in the "Profiles" or right-click on the variable > Properties > None) then set it back to STRATON, but... Really not sure it could be the solution if the 3 previous ones didn't work.

    I hope it helps,
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    Default Re: DiagViewer: CT-type definition corrupted

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for your hints!
    I cheked my configuration and actually my zenOn logic was already configured properly. And also a "clean" didn't solve the issue...

    Could it be that the variable parameter <ID_Complex> has a wrong index and leads to this error?

    <Apartment ShortName="zenOn(R) process variables list" Version="7600">
    <Variable ShortName="plc/Global/elmSetting" Matrix="" IsComplex="TRUE" HWObjectName="PLC marker" HWObjectType="8" TypeID="452" DriverID="14">


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    Default Re: DiagViewer: CT-type definition corrupted

    Hi Emmanuel,

    I took a look with my colleagues in COPA-DATA France but we cannot reproduce this problem.
    We are missing some information.

    I'm sorry the answer is a little bit late, maybe you already solved the problem?
    If not, what were the latest modifications before the problem occurs?

    If I understood well, you declared a structure in zenon Logic, then a variable with the Type of this structure.
    After that, you applied the STRATON profile to this structure so it can be visible in zenon.
    The last step before the problem occurs is that you modified this type?
    Did you try to remove the variable Profile (right-click on it > Properties > None) then add it again?

    If yes, then the problem may be more complex... Possibly the SQL database was in some way corrupted, so the ID_Complex is no more "valid"
    The solution would be to contact your local support and to forward your project to them.

    In the meantime I hope someone who has an idea will see this post 

    Best regards,

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