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Thread: Remote: Reload project do not works

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    Frage Remote: Reload project do not works

    Hi boys!

    Any ideas why "Remote: Reload project" toolbar button do not works on some WSB and works well with other ones?

    On a WSB where reload project failed "Remore: Close runtime/Start runtime" tool bar buttons work as expected.

    All projects are set to be compatible with 6.51SP1 and have Windows CE activated.
    Kind regards,

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    Default Re: Remote: Reload project do not works

    Hello Sergiy,

    I guess you have multiple projects in your workspace.

    The Remote Transport (via Toolbar) always uses the active Project.
    - RT files for that project are transferred.
    - reload for that project is triggered.

    If you have a change in a different project you need to activate it and initiate the Remote Transport from that.
    Alternatively you can use the Remote transport directly via Context menu: Project -> Remote-Transport

    Hope this helps.


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