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Thread: Message in unhandle exception

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    Default Message in unhandle exception

    I have a problem log
    /2/2018, 10:16:06 AM
    zenOn Version: 7.60 SP0 Build36068
    Processor: UNKNOWN
    Exception code: C0000409 The system detected an overrun of a stack-based buffer in this application. This overrun could potentially allow a malicious user to gain control of this application.

    Fault address:  00201A5F 01:00020A5F C:\Program Files\COPA-DATA\zenon 7.60 SP0\LogCliLibU.dll

    After I close editor software. The runtime file still work fine.
    Could you tell me what is problem?


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    Default Re: Message in unhandle exception

    Hi mytom,

    It is not possible to tell just from this log what the issue may be. It could be that an error occurred when a zenon component attempted to send a log message to the diagnosis server. Such a component can be the zenon editor or a driver started by the editor when importing variables but it could also be zenon runtime or a driver in the runtime.

    Do I understand correctly, that you were working with the zenon editor when this message appeared? What was the last action before this error occurred?

    In general, we recommend configuring the diagnosis server for local logging only. Also we recommend having a separate system with the zenon editor and install only the runtime on operator panels.

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: Message in unhandle exception

    This error message appear after I close the editor. And it do not happened every time.
    And it almost happened in Zenon Editor 64bit, 32 bit work normally.

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    Default Re: Message in unhandle exception

    Hello mytom,

    This is of course something that should not occur and that we want to get resolved. Could you please get in touch with your local COPA-DATA support so we can analyze this and resolve this issue?

    As a workaround you may try to start the diagnosis viewer when the editor is running, go to settings, client configuration. Select zenone32 and open the list of parameters. Next select none for the message level and select message level for all modules. This turns off logging of error messages by the zenon editor. On OK this change should be taken over.

    Best regards,

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