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    hi i'm using zenon 7.6 with abb ac500 plc's, i have 1 driver of 3S_V3 with 20 controllers.
    in the office i have only 1 or 2 plc's, when i check the programs, every time i open or reload the runtime it takes forever to establish connection to the plc.
    i set the timeout in the driver to 2000ms and the retries to 1 and it still takes a lot of time.
    when there is only 1 plc in the driver everything is O.K.
    is there a why to tell the driver to try connecting only to the connected plc? 
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    Hello eden212

    I don't know if you can do what you are asking,
    but i would just create a 2nd 3s driver where i only have the office plc's connected and
    set the other driver meanwhile on simulation static

    Tobias Ritschel

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