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    I have a question how to solve start window program :
    + I create some VBA code to start command prompt and continuous do some telnet command. It work fine in zenon runtime, but it can not work in keyblock Runtime. It call the telnet window popup but it can not connect to devices. In zenon runtime and in Keyblock Runtime the command prompt in worked in different path. But I tried to use to command prompt path same as window popup show in keyblockRuntime ( C:\Window\system32) , it still work, only can not work when call in KeyblockRuntime
    + How to make in zenon runtime, I have to close the popup program or display popup program in a picture and have to close this picture before go to another screen ( like properties modal dialog)

    Thanks and regards.

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    I use Zenon Energy Edition , not Supervisor

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    I've moved your post from 'Energy Edition' topics to 'zenon Supervisor' as the question is not about some feature specific only for Energy Edition. There are more forum users knowing well Supervisor as EE, so it is better for you to put the post here. Here you have better chances to get a hint.

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