Dear Forum-Community,

I am trying to use AD LDS in Windows 7 along with Zenon. I have followed the configuration as detailed in the manual and I can login using Active Directory Users in the Login Screen of Zenon.

However when I login in the Active Directory User Administration screen the Active Directory Structure, All users and All user groups lists are not populated. The New, Edit and Delete organisational unit options are also disabled.

I know that the login in the Active Directory User Administration screen is successful because incase I try an invalid User/Password combination I get an error alert. If i login with proper credentials, then there is no confirmation or error dialog but all buttons in the screen still remain disabled and the list is not populated.

This means that if i manually add users using the ADSI tool I can login in Zenon with them, the user group/levels are also assigned properly. I cannot create any AD users from within the Zenon Runtime Environment. I would like to use only AD users because my passwords have to meet a complexity requirement which is not supported by standard Zenon Functionality but can be enforced for Windows AD users.

Can someone please advise me of this issue?

I am using Zenon 7.60 Build 36068 and Windows 7 64 bit SP0.

Thank you.