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Thread: IEC62056 Communication details

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    Default IEC62056 Communication details

    Hi All,

    I look for more detail of the communication details of channel type 35. For the IEC850 we use this communication details for check if the device is online.
    For the IEC62056 i dont find this can't of details.

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: IEC62056 Communication details

    Only some of zenon drivers are supporting an extra 'Connection State' indicator variables. In iec850 driver this indicator informs about the state of association, not only if a connections with the IED is there or not; if has 10(!) states. In IEC62056 driver there is no special indicator.

    All zenon drivers, by connection loss, are setting the status bit INVALID to all variables. To check if a device is online you can evaluate this status bit in a reaction matrix, linked with any variable.

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