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Thread: Convert 02 SPS to 01 DPS, Autoline coloring, and Process Gateway

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    Default Convert 02 SPS to 01 DPS, Autoline coloring, and Process Gateway

    I need to combine 02 single point to 01 double point status in Zenon but I have a question
    + Which timestamp of DPS will get from 02 SPS?
    + Combine element can change representation to 0,1,2,3 with display invalid, open, close, invalid and process gateway send right value but it will effect to autoline coloring that use 0,1 value.
    + If I made a logic to change value of DPS that 0,1,2,3 as open, close, invalid, invalid as in zenon, it work for autoline coloring but it cause the value send from process gateway are wrong.

    Could you give me some idea about it?

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    Default Re: Convert 02 SPS to 01 DPS, Autoline coloring, and Process Gateway

    Which communication protocol the zenon Process Gateways shall use?

    If you are using the zenon PG IEC870 Slave: then in zenon Runtime a DPI variable shall have the value 0 as OFF, 1 as ON, 2 as intermediate and 3 as error. This is exactly the same philosophy like for Automatic Line Coloring.
    In IEC870 Slave then this variable shall be configured with Type ID: 3 or 31 (ev. 4) - so as a "double-point information". Then zenPG takes care to send in ASDUs the DPI value OFF as (binary) b01, ON as b10, and b00 and b11 are for intermediate and error - exactly like expected according the IEC 60870 Standard.

    If in IEC870 Slave, the variable is configures as IO with Type ID 3 then the timestamp is in protocol anyway ignored (in ASDU there is no place for time information). If the IO has Type ID 31 (or 4) then Slave sends in ASDU the timestamp of the zenon variable. Your procedure combining two single-points into one double-point results in DPI value with some timestamp; a value in zenon has always a timestamp. This timestamp can be simply the moment of combining these 2 bits or some timestamp set using one of methods available in zenon (e.g. VBA/VSTA, zenon Logic). And exactly this timestamp is the time of the event (DPI value change), so IEC870 Slave sends it in ASDU.

    Similar is the behavior in zenon Process Gateway DNP3 Outstation.
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