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Thread: Input Values in Elements Windows Style

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    acko01 Gast

    Default Input Values in Elements Windows Style


    I am wondering if there is an option to have values in input elements updated more windows style like.

    For Example I have a numeric Input that is coupled to a variable. When I set a value in the element, I have to hit enter to set the new value. If just click the next input with the left mouse button, the input is not set. This is very confusing and leads to input errors, because it is not windows style.
    I have seen that the inputs for the standard functionality like Login do not have this behaivior. So it should be possible to create normal inputs.
    I would like to know how..

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Input Values in Elements Windows Style

    actually for security reasons, input on elements which are not explicitely acknowledged are not taken over.

    e.g if someone would click in one element to set a value, and enters some value but does not acknowledge it, and some time later somebody who does not notice this, clicks somewhere else on the screen, the value would be send to the PLC, however this value change may go unnoticed (to the 2nd user) or may no longer be necessary or valid!

    Also, when using a touchscreen this could prevent invalid input, e.g. when the value entered is incorrect, and the user hits the backspace on the touchscreenkeyboard, but due to faulty calibration the click is actually just outside the keyboard. In this case also an incorrect value would be send to the PLC.

    You would have to apply some tricks to realize such a behaviour in zenon.

    First of all, you need to create a small template, about the size of the element. At the template, select the "relative to element position" and choose the position and alternative position (from right) and set e.g. the values "vertically 100" and horizontically "-150" (depending on your element size) to position the keyboard over the element window.

    Then you need to create a picture based on this element, and change the type to "keyboard". At the keyboard, activate the option "modal dialog". (this means the picture is in front and nothing else can be operated until it is closed). In the picture, add the "set value element" and additionally, a button which links the "enter" key.

    At the element, change the option to "input dialog" for set value, and select the option "use keyboard" and choose the keyboard picture which was just created.

    In the runtime, when you click on the element, the keyboard window will open, positioned more or less over the element, and will allow no other action until the set value is acknowledged via the enter key. (keyboard picture is closed)

    (you could add the "Esc" key to the keyboard picture as well, when you want to close without entering a value)

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    acko01 Gast

    Default Re: Input Values in Elements Windows Style

    Hello Mark
    thank you for your reply.
    I understand, that values that are directly linked to a PLC should be acknowledged. I totally agree with this.
    But not all entries are that important. In my case I have to enter some data for a file like serial number and batchnumber for a part. This would be much more user friendly to have it in windows style.
    The workaround you posted is a bit too much effort for my problem. So I will leave it as it is. It would be nice to have this option in the future.

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