I am building a demo project, as a demonstration to a potential customer.

In order to display data from several machines, I set up a structured Data Type “Machine” with some elements (Machine.Name, Machine.Alarm, Machine.Running, Machine.Counter etc) and I created some variables based on this structure (Machine[1], Machine[2] etc). Finally I created a pop up screen using the Screen Substitution functionality. Up to this point, everything works perfectly.

Now, the customer wants to display the status of each machine in graphical form as a trend graph, in order to easily scroll for and back in the time, instead of seeking those information in report lists.
To do that I created an Archive in the Historian, adding the variables Machine[1].Alarm, Machine[1].Running etc. Then, I changed my pop up screen from Standard to Extended Trent and added some control elements in it. The curves are linked to Machine[1].Alarm etc.

The problem is that, although the data out of the Diagram window are displayed correctly and according to the index, in the Ext Trend I have to set up a different curve for each individual variable. Of course this is impossible for 50 machines.

The question is:

there a way to assign indexed variables to the curves, as I am doing with Numeric values, Buttons etc? If this is not possible, could you please suggest an other way to display the machine status in graphical mode, having the capability to zoom / scroll in the past?
create the project I use the Zenon Supervisor, version 7.60 SP0 Build 36068.

To the customer, we have offered the 7.60 Zenon Operator (th eproject is price sensitive) with the ETM & Historian module.

Thank you in advance