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Thread: Numerical value representation style

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    Default Numerical value representation style

    Hello Everyone,
    I have a plenty variables which stores a values from energy meters and other meters. The lenght of the displayed values is sometimes very long, for example "1092109 kWh". Im asking You if there is a possibility to show the values with the spaces inside it in that way "1 092 109 kWh" instead of "1092109 kWh".
    Is there a property in editor to change the type of represetation in that way?


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    Default Re: Numerical value representation style

    Not directly, but you can solve it using zenon Logic with additional STRING variable (of stratonNG driver).
    1. configure the process variable with value of energy counter to be 'externally visible'
    2. create zenon Logic project.
    3. create in zenon a STRING variable in stratonNG driver
    4. in Logic Workbench add the fieldbus driver 'Logic to SCADA connection'
    5. and write a small program.

    On screenshot you can see my example in ST-language, the code:

    if oldVal <> energy_counter_UDINT then
        myStr := any_to_string( energy_counter_UDINT );
        myStr := Right('          ' + myStr, 10 ); //add leading spaces to have fix length
        //1 234 567 890
        myStr := Insert(myStr, ' ', 2);
        myStr := Insert(myStr, ' ', 6);
        myStr := Insert(myStr, ' ', 10);
        energy_counter_STRING := myStr + ' [kWh]';
        oldVal := energy_counter_UDINT;

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