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    Dear colleagues,

    I am wonder how can I implement manageable conditional navigation for pages.
    At the moment we have a set of buttons which are laid one over another one with controlled visibility property and each of them has screen switch function attached. It works ok when there are 2-3 buttons, but with the time things are getting more complicated and this approach does not maks the things easy to manage.

    So I am eager to know if there is a way to use combined element to have multiple variables connected to it and activate different functions depending on their combination?

    Or there is an other  better way of doing this?

    Thank you.
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    Hello Sergiy,

    I don´t know actually the use case respectively the Goal you want to reach, but maybe it would be an idea to use the reaction Matrix. In the Rema you can define different states and for every state you can link a function. The Rema then you can link to you variables. If a specific state is given it will trigger the defined function for this state.


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    The goal it to skip certain pages if particular equipment is not installed/available.

    Example. Machine has the set of components. They could be different type and have different set of settings.
    1.Additional Infeed conveyor
    2.Infeed Conveyor
    3.Positioning device
    4.Outfeed Conveyor
    5.Positioning device
    6.Additional Outfeed Conveyor 2
    7.Additional Outfeed Conveyor 3

    If machine configuration has only otions 1, 2 and 4 available, HMI pages should skip settings for 3, 5,6,7 devices and then loop to the beginning of the chapter.
    By pressing the Settings button the 1st page in a queue of available components should be opened. In our example it is Additional Infeed conveyor.
    Than all navigation is done with horizontal pages flipping with the help of Next/Previous buttons.

    [Additional Infeed Conveyor]-> [Infeed Conveyor] -> [Positioning device] -> [Outfeed conveyor] -> [Positioning device] -> [Additional Outfeed conveyor 2] -> [Additional Outfeed conveyor 3]

    Page 1. Prev: 4 Next: 2
    Page 2. Prev: 1 Next: 4
    Page 4. Prev: 2 Next: 1

    REMA would be lovely to use, as I can create function for each state. The task is how can I assign the value for the REMA variable based at the formula in combined element, and make that value changed on the moment of combined element clicked, as by default REMA functions works at global level.
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    Kind regards,

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