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Thread: ABB 3S_V3 Connection Problem

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    hi everybody,
    i'm using ABB ZENON 7.6 and I have problem with the communication to the PLC in the driver:
    if there is 2 PLC's in the driver and they are connected O.K then everything is working good, but when there is 8 PLC's in the driver that only 2 of them are connected O.K and the rest of them are not connected, the connection between the zenon to the PLC's that connected takes a lots of time to establish or not working at all.   
    i set the timeout in every PLC in the driver to 2000ms and 1 reties. 

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    Usually zenon makes 3 times a try to connect to each device. Every try for connection to PLC needs approxiametly about 20 seconds. After this interval it jumps to the next device for connecting. If many devices are configured in the driver without connection, then These procedure could need a while. Also it depends on the used protocol, which I donīt know actually.

    If These 6 PLCīs are not needed for any reason, then it would make sense to Change the Connection mode from "Hardware" to "Simulation static". Or to create an additional Driver and put the rest of the PLCīs to the second Driver.

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