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Thread: web client "file does not exist"

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    Default web client "file does not exist"

    hi, i'm trying to start the web client and I followed all the manuals and the client start connecting to the server but then gives me an error "file does not exist".
    I can see the client trying to connect in the web server "active client" and then the error pops up.
    i'm working with ABB zenon 7.6 i think there is a problem with the path to the project.
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    Default Re: web client "file does not exist"


    It seems like you are unable to get your runtime files at the moment. I would suggest checking in your global_vars.txt to make sure you are configured correctly to the server.

    Here is also a checklist that you can run through if my suggestion did not work.


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    Daumen hoch Re: web client "file does not exist"

    Thank you for all the help.
    Apparently all the problems caused because of the windows update KB4056892.
    i uninstalled it and everything start working.

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    Hi eden.

    Thanks for sharing your findings with the community. Regarding the Windows updates, an official announcement regarding this topic was published on our homepage.

    You will find the details regarding Windows update issues here.

    All new findings and updates will be posted in this announcement.

    Best Regards,


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