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Thread: Restore project from SQL Database Folder

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    Default Restore project from SQL Database Folder

    If there is no workspace or project backup projects can be restored via the following procedure:

    (In this specific case one computer crashed and the operating system was not operable anymore, but the SQL folders could be saved and backed up. The procedure could also be used for moving the SQL folders from one installation to another.)

    • From the old crashed PC, back up the SQL folders (folders with the GUID as name, like 9403a5ef-551d-4e61-a014-c3d4bc4e19cc) of your old projects from "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\COPA-DATA\SQL\..."
      (you have to open the DB.INI files in the several folders to identify the projects: NAME=PROJECTNAME)

    • On your new PC paste the GUID folders to your SQL directory "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\COPA-DATA\SQL\"

    • Start the tool testconnection.exe on your new PC -> Open Maintenance: On the left side the SQL folders are shown, your copied folders should be visible.

    • Select your folders and press the [ >> ] Button. The files are attached to the database on your new PC. (alternatively also the SQL Management Studio can be used for attaching the files)

    • Terminate the process zenDBSrv.exe (it is automatically restarted with the next start of the editor)

    • Start the zenon editor, open a workspace and select "Insert existing project...", your restored projects should be visible. Select the project you want to open.

    The testconnection tool can be found here:
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