This is really one problem and one question.

Problem: When selecting alarm message list to show "Current alarms only", it seems to disregard this setting and show all filtered alarms anyways.
As this is for a clickable popup, it would be nice to only show active alarms here.

Question: Is it at all possible to set up a rema or a variable that detects number of invalid variables in a selection?
Thought of setting up a math variable that has all the variables selected and then adding all of them, but it then only says "invalid" in general, not how many there are.

The math variable is also used to show if any of the selected variables (devices) have an error, which is shown using a rema and some simple addition. (value is 1 if error is active)
This seems to work except for when one or more devices lose connection, as this invalid tag overwrites everything else, thus saying only Invalid, not how many devices that are currently in error state