Hi, I'm a beginner with Zenon 7.50 and I'm just playing to understand how Zenon works.

I'm trying to visualize 2 alarms on a Alarm Message List but the only message that I can see is 'Creating List...'.

What i done:
1) I created 1 variable type 'HIHI_Level'
2) I don't have a PLC and then I used an internal variable
3) at Limit Value [2], section AML/CEL, I set 'In Alarm Message List' and set Alarm Group and Class (Alarm Group and Class set with Zenon's default setups)
4) created and 'Alarm' window type 'Alarm Message List'
5) I used a template to fill the Alarm window

Also at project level I leaved default setups for 'Alarm Message List' and 'AML and CEL'.
What did I forget or do wrongly ?

Thank you