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Thread: Comtrade Files Transfer to Client Machine

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    I have an issue while reading Comtrade files from the client machine in particular even though everything is exactly matching between machines and the internal variables of comtrade function in Zenon 7.11 are in network mode, I am able to retrieve the Comtrade files from different IEC61850 IEDs to server Machine successfully , however and for some reason, I am not able to retrieve them to Client machine, so the CLI progress is showing successfully downloading but an error while moving to the predefined directory.


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    Dear IYousef,

    in a zenon network only the server (and standby server) communicates to the PLC/IED. Thus the files are only transferred to the server as he is the keeper of all data.
    If you need access to the COMTRADE files on a client you either need to make the folder on the server readable in the network and retrieve it from there or copy them manually or via zenon file functions to the client.


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