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Thread: Driver Mode Switching recommendation?

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    Default Driver Mode Switching recommendation?

    Dear Team,

    I'm using Zenon 7.50 Build 49034 and multi-project structure with Three different drivers. I want to stop communication when no communication from controller kindly suggest Driver Mode switching Functions

    1.For starting Driver ----> a) Driver in hardware mode   or  b) Start driver online mode         

    2.For stopping Driver ---->a) Driver in simulation mode or b) Stop driver offline mode

    and kindly suggest recommended settings for "OPC UA Client driver".


    Srikanth G

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    Default Re: Driver Mode Switching recommendation?

    Hi Srikanth G,

    Stop Driver / Start driver commands can be used to control the driver if you want to stop the communication or start the communication. With simulation mode, the variables will have a SPONT status and may have some other value than 0.

    What is the reason behind this? Can you explain the use case?

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: Driver Mode Switching recommendation?

    Dear Mark,

    Thanks for your solution regarding 
    Driver Mode selection.

    I have been using "OPC UA Client driver" but found disconnection from DA randomly , but if i restart Zenon Run-time then i have changed setting in driver configuration as image attached.

    then when i start runtime all OPC driver are starting ping (shows in DiagViewer) communication making Run-time hang for 2-3 min. So i wish to stop driver when communication fails for OPC UA, MEI A-Q driver and Zenon Remote Runtime drivers.

    Warm Regards

    Srikanth G  
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    Default Re: Driver Mode Switching recommendation?

    Hi Srikanth G ,

    With an update interval of 500ms, try setting the keep alive to 20 and the lifetime count to 60, for more tolerance of intermittent delays on the OPC UA server side.

    Best regards,

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