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    Hi, I have a simple question.
    I restored a backup of my project and I chose a runtime directory with a different name from the previous one.
    I use a remote desktop and I set that directory as the starting point of my runtime on the remote terminal.
    In this way, also my archives restarted from zero in my new directory.
    My question is: can I merge the 2 directory of the archives? In order to have all archives, past and present, on the same new runtime directory?
    Thanks for the help.

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    If you check the RT-Path you will see two folders:
    RT: The Runtime-files of the project.
    -> All files that make the project.

    hostname: Folder named after the PC name.
    -> This folder holds all Runtime-data (AML, CEL, archives, etc.)

    Note: It is not possible to get a 100% merge.
    - Open files of daily buffer for AML, CEL and archives must not be overwritten.

    Just copy the contents of the old hostname-folder and paste them in the new hostname-folder.
    - When asked if you want to replace files, DO NOT do so.

    Hope this helps.


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