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    Good Morning,

    I am making a HMI for a test environment. And this is HMI includes an option to control switching objects.
    I have made a dynamic element (Switching object) that flashes when i have it selected. (NET_SEL is HIGH).

    When i execute the command the NET_SEL variable goes to LOW and the element stops flashing.

    Is there a way that i can keep the Variable high for a longer time than when my command screen is open? 
    Or keep my command screen open for 1 or 2 seconds more after i put out my command?

    What i want to accomplish is that my Dynamic element keeps flashing for a little while longer after i gave my command.

    I hope you can help me.

    Best regards,


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    Default Re: NET_SEL Variable

    The NET_SEL gones when the action is completed and command screen closes. The switch-command action is completed depending on condition defined by the 'Command Group' - in the setting 'Watchdog timer'. I suppose now in your project this setting is configured "none", thus the action is "completed" as soon as the value of command variable has been poked to the driver (so actually few nanoseconds before will be sent to the IED ).

    I'm proposing you: consider the use of 'Watchdog Timer', then the actions will supervise the switching process. For example when 'Watchdog timer' is configured to take into account the value of Response Variable (RV) then the action will be completed (and NET_SEL will stay for this period) after the position of the switch changes like expected - according action's setting 'Return state/switching direction'. And the action will recognize a failure of the switching process, not only if the IED will response the command negatively, but also if the RV does not get the expected value in the 'Timeout' (default 30s) defined in the action's settings.

    In addition, when 'Watchdog timer' is activated (not "none"), then during the command execution, the RV variable may get status bit PROGRESS - see 'Command Group' - check-box 'Set status PROGRESS'.
    Note: NET_SEL is set when the operator opens the command screen, so already before he decides to really send a command. PROGRESS is set while switching process is running (so after operator press the action button).

    If, of whatever reasons, you cannot use the 'Watchdog timer', then the possible solution would be to use additional internal variable to make blinking, not NET_SEL of RV directly. So limit detecting NET_SEL of RV may call zenon function 'write set value' linked to internal, network, BOOL variable (configure function to set 'directly to HW'). And the limit of value 1 of this BOOL variable may - with a 'Delay' of 2s - call a function to set value of BOOL to 0.   

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    Thank you for the quick answer!

    I will check next week.

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