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Thread: Change Text Button with DynProperties

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    acko01 Gast

    Default Change Text Button with DynProperties


    I am trying to change the Text of a Text Button in VBA with Dynproperties. Unfortunatly without success..
    This is my line of code:
    thisProject.DynPictures.Item("SPÜLEN").Elements.Item("SpülenStarten").DynProperties("Text1") = "Stop"

    I need to change the Text of the Button from "Start" to "Stop" during runtime. Is there another way to do this? I can't imagine that I am the first one trying to do so .


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    some dynproperties of elements can be changed during runtime, but in the case of a button if the text is changed this change is not saved into the compiled picture and when the picture is opened again, the original text from the compiled picture is shown.

    Changing the text of a button through dynproperties for a button in this case, is editor VBA functionality only. (wizards, automatic project creation through VBA)

    There are many ways of displaying a different text or graphic for a button during runtime, without using VBA.

    you could create two buttons and depending on a variable (internal or from the PLC) make one button invisible, with the button being made invisible through dynamics being on top of the other button.

    Another way would be to use a combi-element and a symbol.

    Another way would be to place a link-text element in the picture, with an inivisble button on top of this.

    If the button directly represents a variable in the PLC, you could also set this button to be a switch and link the variable. Now define the text for normal e.g. "start" and the text for pressed "stop".

    There are even more ways, if one of the above does not fit your needs.

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    acko01 Gast

    Default Re: Change Text Button with DynProperties

    Thank you for the reply.

    I chose the two button version. It works for me.

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